What Exactly is Asthma?

Asthma is usually the result of a very reactive airway that causes inflammation/irritation and recurrent reversible obstruction of the airways. This is a chronic problem and best controlled in the stable environment of a medical home. The symptoms mimic what is referred to as a “cold.” The takeaway message is to be sure to seek a comprehensive evaluation if your child has a chronic or lingering cough requiring use of OTC cough syrup.

Cough is usually common just before sleeping, through the night or on waking up. The sufferers may have intolerance of exercise due to chest tightness or cough, gagging on phlegm or vomiting while coughing.

When Do I contact the Doctor for Asthma Care?

At Akai Pediatrics, we usually recommend intermittent evaluations for a continuous assessment of control of asthma. During this visit we evaluate for the adequacy of control of bothersome symptoms, evaluate for any side effect of medications and for the need to adjust previously prepared asthma action plan. This is a good time for needed education on how to recognize symptoms early and how to treat the noted symptoms at home. Questions are welcome to improve the care givers knowledge of the medications prescribed and the use and care of equipment provided for treatment.

When your child is suffering a flare call the office if after 2 days, symptoms are not responding to medications provided for home use or if your child’s symptoms are getting worse.

Your Child Deserves the Best

The best way to avoid a bad asthma attack is by seeking medical assistance from your pediatrician. Akai Pediatrics is devoted to helping our children who are suffering from a flare of asthma.

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