The Importance of Physicals

Routine health assessment is essential to maintenance of optimal health and provides an opportunity for screening for silent disease processes which may manifest only after damage to our health has occurred. Sports physicals are one of the many other forms of preventive health assessment that is highly recommended for the growing child to protect their optimal health and development. The frequency of these evaluations varies with age and the medical condition of your child.

Routine recommended healthcare are occasionally mandatory before enrollment in school and these are provided during your child’s routine health assessment.

What Goes into Physicals

It is generally recommended that physicals be completed undressed. We at Akai are aware that this is often embarrassing for the older child but we are usually able to accomplish the physical with close attention to minimizing any difficulty arising from this requirement. The growth of the child and developmental stages are closely monitored to secure optimal growth and development from infancy through adulthood.

Recommended vaccinations are updated and screening of vision and hearing are completed at the same visit. The socio-emotional health of the older child is screened for early intervention when necessary.

Where to Go for Sports Physicals

Sports physicals can seem like a waste of time but the process is quite simple and the examination very important. If it’s time for your child to have a physical done, visit us at Akai Pediatrics today.