(Comprehensive Health And Development Interactive System)

Why do I need to fill out CHADIS?

Prior to well child visits, ADHD visits, and visits for behavioral concerns, we request that parents and caretakers (or teens) go to the CHADIS website, register, and complete some online questionnaires from CHADIS. They should be completed prior to the day of your visit. The website is HIPAA compliant, meaning that your answers are well encrypted and no one outside our office staff will have access to your answers. The purpose of CHADIS is to help providers like us assess risks and detect concerns as early as possible. Child development, drug abuse, adolescent depression, postpartum depression, and oral health are some of the many topics covered. Formal screens, such as those provided by CHADIS, have been shown to be extremely valuable for early detection of these and other problems and are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics

To fill out your CHADIS form, go to the following CHADIS and use our office Invitation Code: 9155328187 (our office number). Then you will be prompted to create a username, password and then select your provider. The forms will then automatically appear in your account.

How do I access CHADIS?

First time users, click the above link.
Input the invitation code: 9155328187
Create your user ID and Password

If you have already registered,
click the above link

How to use CHADIS?