What is ADHD?

At Akai Pediatrics, we desire that our affected families have a full understanding of this disorder and how it affects the child. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) / Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) affects the ability of the child to excel at school, impair social skills and may adversely affect the child’s ability to make or retain meaningful relationships. This condition is common and is easily evaluated and treated in the familiar environment of our medical home. Your child will be closely monitored and supported through college by our trained provider and staff.

How Can I Tell If My Child has ADHD

It may be difficult to separate seemingly normal actions and behaviors from signs that point to ADHD. The teacher or other adult care providers are usually the best source of information. Any degree of excessive activity or distractibility that impairs the child’s function or negatively affects chances of success in at least two different environments is enough reason to seek an evaluation. Intervention early in the course of any difficulty will usually prove effective in minimizing the effect of noted behavior at school, home and other social settings.

Another common sign of ADHD is self-focused behavior. This usually may result in frequent interruptions or difficulty waiting to take turns in group activities. Make sure to speak to your child’s teacher if you believe your child may be suffering from ADHD.  


How an ADHD Doctor Can Help

Since ADHD a disorder that affects functions that are necessary for success in school and other social settings, your child may fall behind in class and may have trouble with peer relationships. The doctor and the staff at Akai Pediatrics can help.